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If you want to build your own website for free, now is the time. It's never been so easy to build a website. You need no previous skills or knowledge, as the online website builders are so easy even school children are using them to build free websites as part of their studies. Many website builders also provide you with 1000's of free website templates plus give you a free domain name. So you choose the template that suits you, click "start editing" and you can build a website straight away. No costs, no fuss, it really is that simple. Use the information found on this website to make an informed decision and start to build a free website today!

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    Hints of what to look for when choosing a website builder.

    WebsiteBuilderTop10 we do our best to give you as much information as we can, to help you find your ideal website builder. The 2 articles below are prime examples of useful information we give you, and should be considered before devoting your building to 1 provider. To make sure of this devotion, make use of our comparison tool, it may just open your mind to another, better provider.

    build a website

    How to build and publish your own free website

    It is now possible to build, design and publish your very own website for free! It is extremely simple to do, but it does come with a few drawbacks. In most cases, all that is required is your time and your email address, and you’re good to go.

    You can build your own free website through a few select website building platforms who offer a free version of their service. You can browse through an extremely diverse and impressive plethora of templates, taking design ideas and giving yourself a head-start whilst you’re at it! Then, you can use their own (usually) drag and drop editor, which is very fluid and natural, supporting every type of user from professional designers to absolute newbies. Lastly, publish it! You will normally be given a subdomain of the website builder’s website to publish to, which is not very professional but there is no harm in taking advantage of this in the early days, when getting your feet wet in the ocean that is website building.

    Having to publish to a subdomain is not the only drawback, however. You will find that an upgraded version of the service will supply many more features like Search Engine Optimization (vital for any website looking to increase traffic) and analytics.

    But, by all means, give it a go! You will be very surprised to see what you are capable of producing, and it might just be the best thing you’ve ever done

    build a website for free

    How to choose which platform to build your own free website

    We can only assume that you are looking to build your own website, for free? Right? If you are then you have a choice to make, as there are a few website building companies which offer a free service on which you can build design and publish a website completely for free. The trouble is, which one do I go for? You wouldn’t want to put hours into building a website to find out you don’t like how obstructing the ads are on the page, or the spacing is off no matter what you do!

    Simply, give them all a go. It is extremely easy to get a good feel for a website building service by simply spending a few minutes going through the process. All it requires is your email address to sign up, you won’t be expected to supply any credit / debit cards just to make an account.

    You have about 5 or 6 to choose from, and you may find that the differences between them are game changing, the best thing to do is to dive and find out yourself. You will have to compare the editors, the templates and the final product. There will certainly be ads on the website, and there will be differences as to how they are displayed; size, quantity.