Your Web Design Options

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When it comes to web design you have a few options. These range in price, time and level of complexity. It's important that you look at the different options available to you when it comes to choosing a web design company to design you a website.

Your Web Design Options

  1. Build a Free Website Yourself, using a Website Builder

     2. Pay a web design company to build you a custom website.

     3. Buy a website template, then get a programmer to build your website.


Well, to answer the first question, drag and drop editor, which I say that with no shadow of a doubt. It is the preference of the most successful website builders in the market and for good reason. It makes editing and designing natural and simple, easy even for a beginner to do.


The second question; it depends. Of course, more templates is better than less, but when this compromises quality it becomes much less desirable, especially if the number of templates is 500+ anyway. Luckily, we have only seen one case of compromising quality for quantity, on a not very popular builder at all. All of the top website builders have very good looking templates, regardless of quantity, so our advice is: the more the better.


And the last question; once again, it depends! The full package is offered by the majority of the top 10 companies, but this does come as a compromise to certain aspects, in some cases design, but we will explain this in the reviews. If you are a beginner or want to create a business or blog website, we recommend going for the full package, alternatively, if you are showing off a portfolio or similar, go for a more design based platform like SquareSpace.