How to choose which platform to build your own free website

build a website for free

We can only assume that you are looking to build your own website, for free? Right? If you are then you have a choice to make, as there are a few website building companies which offer a free service on which you can build design and publish a website completely for free. The trouble is, which one do I go for? You wouldn’t want to put hours into building a website to find out you don’t like how obstructing the ads are on the page, or the spacing is off no matter what you do!

Simply, give them all a go. It is extremely easy to get a good feel for a website building service by simply spending a few minutes going through the process. All it requires is your email address to sign up, you won’t be expected to supply any credit / debit cards just to make an account.

You have about 5 or 6 to choose from, and you may find that the differences between them are game changing, the best thing to do is to dive and find out yourself. You will have to compare the editors, the templates and the final product. There will certainly be ads on the website, and there will be differences as to how they are displayed; size, quantity.