Whats included with free web sites?

web sites

There are many different web site providers and each offer a slightly different package. Web hosting companies charge users a small monthly fee (approx $3-5/month) for space on a shared web server. They normally include a free domain name of the users choice plus an email service. Web hosting accounts use FTP and normally come with a control panel like cPanel.

Free web site builders like websitebuilder.com or sitebuilder.com give users access to 1000s of free ready made templates. You can choose your template and start editing in your internet browser instantly. Once happy with your changes, click save, then you get prompted to choose a domain (usually a subdomain for free web sites) you can publish your sites live to the internet.

Other items included free are advertising credits with Google and Bing, email accounts, SEO tools, blog platforms, and widgets.