What you need to make a free website in 2015

make a free website

A computer, an email address, 10 minutes.

Yes, it’s that simple! You may still have the mindset that to make your own website, not even for free, you need an extensive background in coding, a team of developers, and somewhere to host it all, but no, that’s far from the case in 2015. Now there are many different website building companies which offer paid and free services, helping you get an online presence. It is inexpensive to say the least, and can even be free if you want to compromise on the final product.

Compromises are expected, as website hosting is expensive, and you can’t expect a website building company to let you use their editor and publish online for nothing. This means that you will have ads on your website, and your website won’t be published to the custom domain you may be after. Every type of free website will be published onto a subdomain, for example .freesite.com or .weebly.com, which is unprofessional to say the least and looks down right embarrassing!

There is always a reason to build a website, and doing being able it for free is the perfect opportunity to satisfy it!

You might be a business owner, blogger, photographer, financial advisor, marketing consultant, painter, whatever you do - make a website about it! You will be very surprised at what you can do with a computer, an email address, a free website building service, and 10 minutes. Trust me.