What is a Website Builder?

what is a website builder

A website builder is a website creation tool which allows you to construct a website, webpage or blog without entering code. Instead users normally start with a simple template of their choose, and use drag and drop or WYSIWYG editing to adjust key elements of the site. They can add widgets and elements from a dashboard of choices. This enables users to be complete novices with no web design or programming knowledge at all but still able to create and publish their own websites.

Website builders can usually be categorized as online website builders or offline website design software. Online website builders have advanced drastically over the past few years, mainly thanks to improvements to internet browsers, increased internet speeds and more powerful computers being freely available. Online website builders are usually quick and easy to use, often users can create a free account, choose a free website template and publish a free website on a sub-domain. The free websites usually contain advertising and users must pay to upgrade to a full paid account where advertising is removed and they get a free .com domain name.

HTML is the standard used for online website builder nowadays instead of flash. Users can quickly publish websites live to the internet by just clicking the “Publish” button when they are happy as there is no FTP or web hosting space required for most website builders.

Offline website builders come as software downloads which can be expensive and require, more advanced technical skills to create, edit and publish a website live on the internet. Offline website builders require the user to have a web hosting account so they can upload the website to the internet via FTP once they are happy with the site.