Top Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

domain name

Choosing a domain is often the first thing that you do when creating your website and it is very important to get right, especially if you are on a budget. Changing domain orders is expensive, a lot of the time you will just have to accept the loss and register another. Some people have a very clear idea for a domain before they start, which make their choice either extremely easy or extremely hard, they either get what they want or it isn't available. On the contrary, a lot of people struggle with choosing a domain name, so here are my top tips for choosing a domain name -

Make it relevant to your content, service or business - by having a completely irrelevant name you give yourself a disadvantage right from the start. Pick a relevant term (the shorter the better) and aim for the exact match .com, Google favour this and also it looks great. But what it if isn't available?

If the exact domain name you want isn't available, it's not the end of the world! - If the domain you want is taken, all it means is that someone else owns it. Find out who they are through WHOIS or by visiting their site and get in contact, you might just find that they are willing to sell it! (Be warned, some domains are worth a lot of money. If you want or, it may be the end of the world for you, unless if you have millions to spend)

If you're lucky, the domain you are looking for will be available.

Keep those tips in mind when choosing your domain name, it should help minimise post-domain-purchasing regret.