Top 4 Website Editor Features

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We’ve seen and reviewed a plethora of different website builders, used many different editors, but what features did we like the most? Here’s our top 5 website editor features out of the 15 reviewed.

Mobile View / Editing

This is undoubtedly one of the most useful features any website builder can offer, it is extremely important to getting repeat website views and can determine whether a visitor stays or leaves the site. The majority of mobile users who find it hard to navigate a website will not return, and when you consider the amount of mobile users there are in the world (1.75 billion in 2014), it is hard to imagine not wanting to make your site look nice on a mobile screen.
Seen on WebsiteBuilder, Sitey, Wix, Weebly, Sitelio and more.

Drag and Drop Editing

Fortunately, this is the most popular method of editing on the website building scene nowadays. The drag and drop style is intuitive and means a user of any standard can excel when creating an aesthetically pleasing website.
Seen on WebsiteBuilder, Sitey, Wix, Weebly, iPage, Sitelio and more.

Smart Help

Seen exclusively on GoDaddy is an extremely useful smart help tool that is built into the editor itself. It recognizes when a user is stuck and offers tailored advice for the certain situation. This helps sort out issues super quick and does wonders for the building experience.
Seen on GoDaddy.

Save and Publish

A very simple and expected feature, which is surprisingly well packaged together by WebsiteBuilder, Sitey and Sitelio. The ease of being able to save progress and get the updates online immediately is very refreshing and leads one to wonder why it isn’t a feature on every website builder service.
Seen on WebsiteBuilder, Sitey and Sitelio.