Potential problems with a website setup

setup a website for free

There can be many problems to overcome when looking to setup a website. That's why we think website builders are a great way to have your own website as they take the hassel and problems away. But if you do want to setup your own website think about the following;

The Plaguing Subdomain:

In all cases of free website building, if you can publish to a domain name it will be a subdomain of the website builders domain, for example, .sitey.com or .freesite.com. This looks awfully unprofessional and should be avoided if you have any sort of sustained traffic.

Website Advertising:

Similar to the subdomain problem, you will find this on every type of free website building service, large and intrusive advertisement for the website builder. This is once again very unprofessional and can be embarrassing, as ideally you want it to seem like your website has not been made through a building service. Obviously, it is impossible for it to seem this way if the sides of the page are laden with annoying ads.

Less Building Features:

Unlike the other points, this is not the case on a few website builders, but it’s very likely if you setup your own free website you will encounter this problem. Of course, you cannot expect a fully featured editor for free, as this is the main selling point of most website building services. For example, on most platforms, you cannot access e-Commerce features. On free versions, it’s almost guaranteed that you will only be able to use the most simple of all features, but this does not mean you can’t make a nice looking website.