The Big ‘No-No’s of Website Building

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Hundreds of thousands of websites are created daily, some fantastic, and some god-awful. Here’s our list of what to avoid when building a website to make yours more fantastic than awful.

Music or Audio Clips.

If your website isn’t a page on MySpace (we’d hope not), then you should stay well away from any sort of auto playing media. It may be cool the first time the website is visited but as the visit count rises, users are almost guaranteed to begin to hate your website.

Extraneous Content.

This is not necessarily as bad for text as it is 3D high-resolution videos, but still, superfluous content just steals precious loading time. And as a user of the Internet I’m sure you understand how frustrating a slow to load website is.

Any content which requires Java or Flash.

It is almost certain that the visitor will ‘not have the latest version of JavaScript’, which is only an annoyance and most serious websites can do without a talking tom app.

Expect millions of visitors.

No matter how good the aesthetics of your website is, or how good your product is, it’s not very likely at all that your website will be as popular as Twitter overnight. A lot of work has to be put into a website to make it successful, or, a lot of money put into Google or Facebook ads. You should focus more on making your website the best it can be than the amount of impressions a certain page is getting.