Why it is important to make your website look good on mobile

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The mobile internet market is already colossal and is still growing rapidly, it has overtaken desktop use and approaches 2 billion users this year. You’d be silly to miss out on the mobile market. If you are an online business, then all of your custom comes from the internet, and if you are not satisfying over half of the internet users with your website, then you are missing out on at least half of all possible customers.

Most mobile users who find a website hard to navigate or at all inaccessible will not continue or return. This is a damning fact and cannot be ignored.

Luckily, however, it is easier than ever to make your website look good on mobile! Lots of website building services use transferrable editors (automatically scales the content depending on the screen size) and / or a mobile and tablet editing option. These 2 features make it extremely easy to check what your site looks like on mobile and edit accordingly, allowing you to satisfy those once wrongly neglected mobile users.