Top Tips for Making Your Homepage

making a website

Your homepage is the first thing a visitor will see, and just how people should make a good first impressions, so should your website. Ultimately, it’s aim is to impress the visitor enough for them to stay on, and return to, your website. The chance of this can be improved by abiding these few tips:

Tell them what your website does / is for: Likelihood is, the visitor has come to the website to do something, research, to buy something, the list goes on. It is very important to show the visitor what the website does so they don’t leave and visit a competitors site. This is what all good website builders do, make sure you are one of them.

Make sure they know what makes you better than any other similar website: You can show them stats, testimonials or examples, but just assure the customer that the service they are getting / going to get is the best, otherwise it’s likely they’ll just go somewhere else.

Give them some sort of incentive to stay / return: This doesn’t mean sending them a cookie (the tangible type) every time they visit, but maybe offering great or great looking products, which they are likely to return for. Consumers do carry out their own research, so convince them whilst you have them, it can only work in your favor, regardless of your motive.