Is It worth paying to create a website?

create a website

It is possible to create a website completely for free by using the free service that most of the top website building services offer alongside their paid services. Everyone would like to not pay for something they don’t have to, so what is it that you actually pay for?

With a paid service, it is very likely that you will have more features to use inside the editor and out. For example, you may be treated to e-Commerce features, or be able to track your websites interactions using analytics. This is extremely important from a marketing point of view if you are an online shop as it allows you to track progress and make changes accordingly, as well as the e Commerce options being very important because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to sell products.

Paying for a website building service also usually entails a custom domain, which is normally a fantastic deal as you will find that some domains which you’d pay £10 for you can utilize for £2-3 / month, plus all of the fantastic tracking and editing software you get as part of the package.

Lastly, it is more than worth it if you are a serious website builder. Free websites always have non-monetizing ads, which look awful to visitors and do nothing but tarnish the look and credibility of your website.