How To Get Your Website More Traffic


There are many good tips on how your website can get more without having to spend astronomical amounts on advertising and place preference. These come under SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is a process of, essentially, getting your website higher up on Google and other search engines. This drives lots of traffic to your website via certain key words which represent your brand / business, leading to many more sales, sign ups or enquiries, whatever your motive.

The best tip is to make the content on your website relative to, and including, the keywords you wish your site to appear upon when searched for. Google’s site crawling tool has a measure of how relevant your website is to a certain term, so it can give their users the best return to their search. You should also keep the content fresh and this is most often done via a blog connected to or on the website, as Google’s crawling tool also takes into account the age of content, so once again it can give their users the best return to their search.

You should also consider using ‘meta-tags’ which tell Google how to display the website on their interface, however, this isn’t such a worry because it is included on many website building services. ‘Meta-tags’ show Google the Title, the description and also keywords (which should be the same as the keywords littered throughout the content).

You can also make use of Google’s new Local search options, which are optimized to find the service you want local to you. This is great for smaller businesses and services, as most Google users will search “‘insert service here’ in ‘insert place here’”, so to capitalize on this include where you are in the title, the heading and also in your content.