How to setup a free website

setup a website

There are multiple ways to set up a website: through a website builder, pay a company or individual to do it for you, do it fully yourself, there are loads of ways of doing it. However, not all of these options are free. There is a way to setup a website completely for free, with the only cost being time.

The way this is done is through a free website builder. You can use their awesome editors, take full advantage of thousands of templates and even in some cases publish it to the world.

There are few truly free options in the website building market, but all of the published websites will be to their subdomain, for example, at the end of the domain you’ve published to. This looks very unprofessional, but it isn’t too much of a problem if you aren’t a business or popular blogger.

So, how do you setup a free website? Sign up to a free website building service, pick a template, design it, publish, and there you go!

Check out our reviews and comparison table to see what website builders offer a free service, and give it a go! After all, it is free!