How to fill my blog with content

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It is very important to fill your  blogging site with content, and for it to be ‘keyword rich’ (have lots of mentions of the word you’d like to be found by on search engines), for SEO reasons. Search Engine Optimization is the art of making your website more attractive to primarily Google, Yahoo and Bing. The aim of which is to appear in the coveted top spot of Google, done by maximizing and perfecting certain variables, one being content amount and quality.

Website builders make it very easy to add content to your website, whether that be through a blog or simply paragraphing on the actual pages themselves. This can allow you, very simply, to maximize and perfect the content you have on your site, making it appear more attractive to the search engines.

Blogging is a very good way of adding ‘keyword rich’ content, because you can pick a topic and ramble on to your heart’s content. Each new blog post can be about the market, competitors, your products, what’s important to you, the possibilities are endless. It is definitely worth some time devoting yourself to content creation, spend time making it worth reading and making a lot of it - it will pay dividends when you take a look at your visitor count, and blogging is a brilliant way to do it.

Another way to add content to your website, as we mentioned before, is to paragraph on the pages of your site. This is less attractive to visitors as they may not be looking for a truck load of information by just checking your site out - they will go to your blog if you are interested. Keep paged content to a minimum, the more concise the better.