How Can I Get a Free Web Site?

free web site

Ever since the internet first became common in many households, there has been sites claiming to allow you to create a free web site. From horribly rigid readymade template sites, to geo cities, there has always been so called free web site providers. But, many of these are free for a reason, they offer out of the box templates, which are extremely hard to customize and leave customers wishing they never bothered in the first place. Times have thankfully now changed. Thanks to advances in web browsers, computer power and broadband speed free web site providers have come on leaps and bounds and anybody with no web design or programing skills can create a stunning web site.

Many new web site builders like the ones listed on this site, give the user a free domain name, a choice of 1000s of free web site templates, plus free marketing tools.

The editors in use require no software installed on your computer, and utilize drag and drop to make creating a web site so simple.

Once you are happy with your site, you can choose a free sub domain, then your site will be instantly published live on the internet.