Having trouble choosing a domain?

website building

The best advice for choosing a domain name has to be, try and keep it short and memorable. Your domain name has to be something memorable as it is the only thing a possible visitor has to search for, especially for smaller businesses. Also, the name should be relevant to your business or motive, this is a way for new visitors to find your website and to maximize this valuable type of traffic you should consider two word combinations, as this is popular and catchy. However, these are diminishing and are subsequently not always available, which may push you towards .uk, .biz or any other less popular suffix.

We recommend against the lesser-used suffixes as it can give your site an unprofessional feel, which only works against you. The .com and .co.uk are often less expensive, and are much more memorable, so check if these are available first before settling for the other suffixes.

In a lot of cases, a domain name is unavailable, but the goal is to keep the name memorable so often brand names are abbreviated (for example www.ba.com for British Airways). This does not affect the integrity of a website and is used very often by businesses who have a long name.

So, in conclusion, you should aim to make your website domain:

  1. Memorable
  2. Relevant to your business or brand
  3. As short as possible
  4. With a popular suffix (.com or .co.uk)