Do you have to be a business to own a webpage?

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Owning a webpage was originally an extremely time and resource consuming activity, requiring hundreds of pounds and man hours to build and sustain it, a job only really applicable for businesses. Luckily for you, times have changed! Owning and maintaining a webpage can be done very easily by one person and a very small budget, with no professional help required. Online 'DIY' website builders have made this a reality, many offering thousands of templates, super simple to use editing software and a free domain name, all for less than $5 per month. It has become so easy and affordable that kids are doing it for their school projects, parents are doing it to collect RSVPs for their wedding, we are in the golden age of website building.

Webpages for businesses are still vital for growth and success, however. A business which isn't online is missing out on accessing the attention of millions, even billions of potential customers. Now, with the extremely small price tag associated with building a webpage, there is no excuse to not be online, regardless of the size of the business! There are 50,000 Google searches a second, people are looking for businesses to solve their problems and quench their need for the products they sell, by not being online businesses run the risk of neglecting a potential serious amount of sales / attention. But not everyone has a business...

Perhaps you want to blog, celebrate an occasion, the uses are endless. Webpage owning has transitioned from being possible to only the business powerhouses of the developed world to anyone with an internet connection, you can even build a website completely free if you wish. WordPress (a popular content management system / blogging service) webpages publish 17 blog posts every second and it costs nothing at all to be part of the action. 

So, no. You don't have to be a business to own a webpage. In fact, that's far from the truth - you have to have an internet connection, which you must have already. Webpages are extremely useful for business, but by no means do you need to be one to be part of the worldwide connection. The requirement for big budgets, big teams and big offices are a thing of the past!