Do I need web design skills to create my own web page?


Creating your own webpage used to be a thing only professionals with a background in web development and web design could achieve, having to write the code independently from scratch. It was a feat your average joe was far from being able to complete, but that's changed, wildly. Nowadays, everyone is making websites because it has been made so simple and affordable. This is down to the increase in supply and popularity of webpage creation services, which has been around for some time but has only recently been made widely available and very cheap (in some cases free!). 

The basis of the website building software is the editor, the environment you design and alter the webpage in. Most of these online services employ HTML 5, 'drag and drop' editors which feel extremely natural to work with. You have total control of all the elements on your website, their location, contents and colour. The usability of different company's editors varies, you can find that an editor belonging to one webpage builder is far less user friendly than another, which is why you must conduct some research before laying down any money at all. 

Another design aspect which varies from one service to another is the amount and quality of the templates supplied. The amount of templates supplied ranges from 10s to 1000s, a startling difference. Whilst more is undeniably better, the quality of the templates is often considered a more important part of a webpage builder service. You could have 100,000 templates, but if there wasn't one which looked any good, you are no better off by the provisioning of them. It is far more valuable to have a few clean, modern templates in your roster. This is another point of research which needs to be conducted, as you will find the quality of templates from one service to another to differ extensively. 

To summarise - no, you require no design skills to create your own web page, but it certainly does help! Great looking templates with content changes can make for some of the best looking / feeling websites around. We have far surpassed the days of having to code a website's intricacies from scratch. I can guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised with what you can make with one of these services, $5 and 10 minutes, if you think that webpage creating is an activity exclusively for pros.