Do I need any technical skills to make a blog?

blogging skills

Nowadays, blogs are so advanced there is no need at all for any previous technical skills or coding knowledge. Perhaps at max what is required is a mild understanding of web processes. Most editing / designing environments are drag and drop based, which makes website building life easier than you can imagine. What used to be hours and thousands of lines of code created by those only capable of wrapping their head around university level computing, is now a couple minutes messing about with shapes, colours and preferences. Even young kids can do it.

If you are worried about a technical barrier which may stop you building the website of your dreams, by getting to this page you have demonstrated more than enough online experience needed to build a website. We’re serious. All you need is an email and 10 minutes, I recommend trying out one of the free options shown in the reviews section if you’ve never seen a website builder. It is completely contract free.

When you want to take website building to the next level, perhaps hosting an online store, you may need 10-20 minutes experience getting familiar with menus and options, but really, anyone can build an ecommerce store, it is made so simple!