Can you create a website totally for free?

create a free website

In short Yes!

You can create your own website completely free, and all it takes is time and your email address. There are a fair few website building companies who offer free accounts, which are probably just their way of signing up new customers and trying to upsell them paid accounts, Regardless, we think it’s cool that you can build a website for free!

You can choose from about 5 or 6 different companies of the ones we have reviewed (we mention whether they offer a free account in the ‘Value for Money’ section of every review we do). The limitations of the free accounts do vary, you will find that some free accounts are much more generous than others, by offering more features or withholding some from the editor and the experience as a whole.

We recommend that before putting a lot of effort into building a website on just one website builder, test out all of them. You may find that one suits you much better than another, as we noticed that each different provider target different demographics with their styles and environments.