Can I get away with a free website?

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Absolutely Yes! Many servies we have reviewed allow you to get a free website which normally just means you have advertising on your website and you have a sub-domain instead of your own .com domain name.

So the question is more about what the aim of your website is. A lot of websites are built as a test, of an idea, someones abilities, a design idea, a website builder. And if you are building a website to test something out, it is okay to have adverts on the final product, or to have it published onto a subdomain. Also, a lot of websites are made without the aim of super high traffic, in which case the advertisements won’t have any viewers to put off, or any visitors to be embarrassed about when they see the domain name.

However, the majority of websites are not a test, and are made in the hopes of getting lots of traffic, like an online store, a portfolio, a blog. These are websites which will need upgrading to a paid service, or they will never reach their full potential. 

It is proven and completely understandable that the simpler and more professional a website is made, the more successful it is. This is shown to be true by almost every internet success story, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google, eBay, all of them simple in name and character.

So, to conclude, you will be able to get away with a free website if you do not expect or want any traffic to your website. It is definitely worth the measly $4-5 / month which the top providers charge to get your website in a position where it has the opportunity to be successful.