Are free wordpress themes safe to use?

best wordpress themes

Many wordpress theme providers offer a wide range of template designs from simple blog sites to more complicated multi page sites.

One question many wordpress users ask is “are these free themes safe to use?” to which there is not one answer…

Most free themes are ok but many of them are buggy, some wordpress theme authors hide malicious code within a theme for various mischievous reasons.

Unless you are familiar with HTML and PHP coding then you will most probably not recognize the signs of a tampered with template, but there are some tips to avoid the wordpress coyboys.

- Get your theme from a reputable site that has good ratings or positive reviews on the internet.

- Enquire with customer support for some advice before you acquire the theme to reassure you that you won’t be obtaining any malicious cod

- If you are still unsure about the free themes on offer there are many sites that offer extremely cheap website themes that are more likely to be safe than the free options.