5 Features of a Successful Website


If you want to make your website successful, there are many ways to go about it, but at the core of every website success story are these 5 points.

It is easy to navigate.

Every successful website has an exceedingly simple layout, with every different page / use highlighted clearly by a side or top bar. It is worth spending time testing your website for chokepoints, there should be no point in which you cannot work out how to get to another part of the site.

It has a simple domain name.

This is crucial if you want repeat visits, as the simpler a domain name is, the more memorable it is. You may find yourself unable to get the domain name you wish due to availability, but it may be worth rebranding or renaming your business if it is in the early stages, or just abbreviating for those too far into a business to rebrand.

It is mobile friendly.

Very important as there are around 1.6 to 1.7 billion mobile Internet users worldwide, and if your website isn’t mobile friendly, most of them wont return. It pays huge dividends to have a website which is attractive on both desktop and mobile, in both reputation and visits.

It has an FAQ.

It is without doubt that there will be at least one user who doesn’t find the process or the service your website provides simple. Even if it is the most simplistic website ever, an FAQ can only do you good. For more popular businesses / causes, this is a must, it can decide whether or not people recommend you.

It is well hosted.

Yes, sometimes this is out of your hands, but with most of the well know hosting and web building brands your website should okay.